1000 posts

As @Bram knows how to contact me through a pm, when their are complains about something.

I`am pretty sure he also would contact me, for say thanks for the help to our fellow community members. And send me the congratulations from the Athom team.

Right @Bram I`am looking forward to see the nice discount coupon for your webshop, as a smal gift to say thks.



I remember when I hit the 1k. It was a long time ago on a nice sunny day. Sitting with the laptop at my bar, drinking some Amstel’s and checking the forums if I could help anyone or had to move some posts that where accidentally posted in the wrong topic. Links to the search function copied to the clipboard and made it! U know what happened then?
…Nothing! :joy:


A bit sad that 2 grown-up people are crying in this public forum.
don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate the lot of work you both do for this forum and I thank you for that very much, but this bagging is far below your level.

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Well, please don’t miss understand us 2! We are just kidding ofc but u spoiled the fun now. :sob:

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I respect your opinion.

I think, you missing something…… and thats the :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: at the end of my post.

and ofcourse its 100% a big joke, and there 3 persons including brammeke…. knowing why i posted it :crazy_face:

if you see it in another way. No Problem at all.


Thanks for the explanation, sorry probably I missed something, maybe also not the most excellent location for this off-topic, “sand over it”.


I think this thread should be deleted

smiley faces dont cut it


Explane a bit more then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well, it IS in the off-topic section, ain’t it? Sjeezzzz, this community is really getting ruined last weeks… :grimacing: