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The Christmas feeling

This guy has a Homey and a cat. The cat thought Homey was a nice ball to play with. We all can imagine what happened. Now we started a crowdfunding to get him a new Homey. With 18864 community users there must be 400 of them to pay €1 euro for him aye?
So, go to the link above and help this guy with €1.
Lets do something nice together!
(Link) for those who missed the first link.


Incredible. I’m almost swept off my feet by the kindness. Not quite a new Homey yet. I never imagined the community helping out in this way.

Stupid cat. :smirk_cat:

I’m told I could buy a holder for the Honey to make it cat-proof. Believe you me… I will…

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The Homey community is strong! :muscle:

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And also @ROBB_shop is willing to donate, very nice!

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We can use some more donations, plz click the above link.

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Thread cleaned, keep to topic.


No prob.

I know we have also clashed a few times but I respect your decision as a mod …

Donate what you can… A good cause…

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