Homey Community Forum in dark mode!

By chance I came across the following today !:crazy_face:!


Finally not anymore…



Fi-nal-ly !! :facepunch::beers:
No more :sunglasses: when looking at my phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How to disable it? :sweat_smile:

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It’s in the screenshots here somewhere:

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For me it’s not working. :frowning:
I tried it with Firefox and Edge in Windows, and Dolphin and Firefox in Android.

With which browsers is it working for you?
Any idea to get it working?

I got it working on Chrome & Firefox @ android.

But with my laptop I use plugins like Dark reader for Firefox, the forum stays bright white in “Dark mode” as well :see_no_evil:


In Windows, the “night mode” is not the same as the dark mode in mobile devices.
You have to set the color scheme to “dark”, but then all apps are shown with dark background.
I would love to see an option in the forum (Discord) to toggle between light/dark mode.

The dark mode is only show if dark mode is activated on the mobile phone. You can’t switch the browser (or the forum) to dark mode while the phone is using light mode. A mode settings is missing :man_shrugging:

The dark mode option should be activated as default in your account settings.

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Set Theme to Discource showed by @Peter_Kawa

Thanks @RonnyW, I was not aware of the (additional) setting in the browser. Now it’s also working for me. :slight_smile: