Zipato RFID Tag Reader

Hi is the zipato app compatible with bebext tag Reader? The 2 tag Reader appear to be same.

Does anyone know if it is possible to read the rfid tags for cats?(dogs ofcourse not allowed😂). Just got my cats chipped, want to use is attached to the cat door.

how do you teach the cat to press on the home and away button ?! :joy:

@Osorkon very dump question. My cats are very good raised and have excellent habits. Pressing the home and away button will most likely only take a few days of learning.:see_no_evil:

So its reading the rfid “and” you have to press a button? Or is it possible it only reads the rfid. The way I wanted is to use is, if the reader reads the chip a flow starts(lights on/off on movement) only if the reader hasn’t read tge chip.

Yes, but in reverse order.

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It’s the same but with another manufacturerId, productTypeId and productId. So you can’t add the benext tag reader as zipato tag reader. There will be soon a benext beta app which supports also the benext tag reader for Homey 2.x

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I try to do this, but pin’s are not send to the Zipato app it seems, the Pinpad self seems to be working and light and beeps are ok.

What is the minimum and maximum length of a pin code?
Is is allowed to repeat numbers or must each number followed by a other number (but not the same)?

I have the same issue , is there any solution yet?

Feels risky to not know what the actual battery is .
Haven’t been like this all the time but this fall at least.