Zigbee SNZB-02D device

I’ve recently bought devices SNZB-02D SONOFF sensor, like this one :
And I am disapointed.

Previously, I had low cost chinese sensors.

The SONOFF do not send temperature measure if the variation is less than 0,2° (0,1° for the chinese)
And it is less sensitive : it is not reachable where the chinese on was.

Who are you trying to reach?

Anybody interested by this device …

which one was the chinese you mentioned? does it work with homey?

If I am not mistaken… SONOFF is also a chinese brand :slight_smile:

Anyway i have this one too, but i am using Z2M (zigbee2mqtt). i never really checked the sensibility (temperature), it does just the work fine, and i can just fine tune settings in Z2M anyway.

As for sensitivity/reachable, i assume to refer to the Zigbee network mesh status, which is always very dependant on you current setup (coordinator, routers) in your environnement (walls, etc)