Wiz Smart

@Jan-Ivar_Boyum two questions:

  1. how is it going with the new app, can we help?

  2. how do I add support for a new device to the old app? I have a device that is not detected.

I also hate cloud devices.



Hello. I myself have had a big problem with Detect of Devices, both in the old and new apps that I develop. The Device must be connected to the local network with Wiz’s app, but even then I have had a problem. It seems that the problem has come up with newer versions of Homey Operating System. Today I do test of the new app, and there I have dropped detection of the device and gone for a manual registration. There are still some UDP problems in the library (which was not there before), but I hope to be ready with the app this month. I’ll let you know as soon as the app is out on Github.

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If you upload it early, and describe where you have troubles I would love to assist. Have done addins for openHAB and have 20+ years of developer experience.

I have solved the problems I had around UDP. I am now in the middle of a functional test that I may have created more extensively than I thought. I also have a project going on with a scale for beehives based on IOT (NodeMSU) together with my son-in-law. In addition, May is a day with many public holidays in Norway. Nevertheless, I hope that I can publish the app on GitHub at the end of May.

I’m not sure if it’s supported in the official app, but it should be. I once developed an app that controlled Wiz devices in the local network (not via the cloud), and use a similar lamp in this app.

I have now posted a beta version of the new app. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the old Wizbulbs app, but replaces it. This means that all Devicer must be re -entered (sorry for this), because the new app is based on Device functionality and not just on Device type. I have also chosen to use manual registration of Device as I found this both faster and safer than that detect method. The new app is called Wizwifi and the documentation can be found on the website WizWiFi APP for Homey, this page also has a link to the project at Github.


Just to inform, I have tested this new app, and it seems to be working well :tada:

There are still some issuses around flows that I’m looking into. The rest is checked out. I will put out the final version when I’m done with the issues.

I would love to use this app right away, but I am not familiar with the developer section of homey nor how to get and install the code from GitHub to homey.
If anyone wouldn’t mind, would you please give me some instructions for dummies on how to install this app on the homey developer side? And where do I find the homey developer?

Thank You very much!