WIZ Lights

Anyone having any luck controlling these? They use WiFi only, no bridge or anything.

nmap gives me this:

49154/udp open|filtered unknown
MAC Address: A8:BB:50:01:E2:82 (WiZ IoT Company Limited)
Device type: specialized|general purpose
Running: Espressif embedded, lwIP, NodeMCU embedded
OS CPE: cpe:/a:lwip_project:lwip cpe:/o:nodemcu:nodemcu
OS details: Espressif esp8266 firmware (lwIP stack), NodeMCU firmware (lwIP stack)


I’m really Keen to hear more about this

Me 2. And the AT4010.

I was hoping to find some way to control the Wiz lights myself. Is this possible?

Did you try the Tuya app?

I’ll test it

If by Wiz you mean bulbs from Wiz connected then there is an app in the Homey app store. I myself do not use this but one I have developed myself which is located on the community app store.

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