Wind Speed Units in mph

Need some help here…

I try to understand but I can’t get it to work

(1) “sensor” should be what I try to set, the virtual i just made (?)
(2) is the wind value from Netatmo is it not?

At the ‘set a sensor’s value’ field, you should use the real capability name, in this case measure_wind_strength
(All capabilities: source here.)

The value field should look like this:
{{[Wind strength]*0.2778}}
(While [Wind strength] is the blue colored variable)


PS: what is the " * 0.2778" calculation for?


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to get the value in Mph ? My gess.

My unit converter says 1 km/h = 0.6213711922 mph?

To get the normal m/s divide by 3.6

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I`m having trouble with this solution, as my my virtual sensor dont get any readings from the flow. Is there any obvious flaws with my flow?


Your changing a none existing capability, it is either measure_gust_strength or measure_wind_strength.

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Thank you. I will change the text.

Here I linked to the complete capabilities listing, so you can find the right naming for them.

Still no readings. Netatmo has updated the gust strenght info, but it has not been transfered to my virtual device.

Try to add a temporary notification card, with {{[vindstyrke] * 0.2778}} in it.
Then you can view what happens.

In this case, I think the comma you used in 0,2778 should be a dot.

And, are you sure the virtual sensor is of the type “gust strength”?
That has to match with the sensor capability you enter (measure_gust_strength)

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I have tried to set the flow up once again. I have doublechecked that the virtual sensor is based on gust strenght. I`ve set up the notification card, and that gives me the correct information everytime the gust value changes (aprox. every 10 minutes). But still no information is forwarded to the virtual sensor.

I think I`m doing something wrong with the values, but I cannot see what that can be.


measure_gust_strength, not measure_gust_strenght


Thank you! That solved the problem. As they say here in Norway: “It is the eyes that first becomes blind!”.