Converting km/h to m/s in Netatmo app by Athom

I have a problem: My netatmo Wind meter is showing its value in km/h and I want a variable that is in m/s. Can you give me a tip? I could of course use Homey Script,but I need help to read the value from the Netatmo Sensor… I have never written a script…

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It should be something you can change in the app settings from Netatmo itself.

Thanks Marcel,
Do you mean the Homey App? I can’t find it there…

Have you tried clicking the cog wheel at the top right side?
It’s free!

Many thanks Jan,
Yes I have, there are no options that let med select m/s there. I am using Athoms app for Netatmo.

No i mean the Netatmo app. Not Homey.

Do you mean the Web interface?

I cannot see any of the controls that you show in your screen shot and I do not recognize it at all. Normally I am not stupid, but…

On my iphone i have the Netatmo app.

I suppose you can change the settings because Netatmo states that m/s is supported.

WOW! I never use their own app. I dont even have it installed… (I use " Smartmixin") But there are no controls for changing the units from km/h to m/s in Netatmos own app.

And my problem is that the units displayed in Athoms Netatmo (in Homey) app are km/h and I cannot find anywhere to change it. So I thought that if I could read the Homey data (via a script) I could do the math somewhere and change it to m/s.

Very insightful title you’ve got here, could you please update it so it makes sense for the actual question.

But to answer your question, Homey has no option to show m/s as default capability, even if you would be able to choose m/s in the netatmo app, it would only change the end value (the number), not the unit name.
To be able to have m/s you’ll have to calculate it and then put it into a (advanced) virtual device.

You can try to contact the developer to add such a feature (see the bottom of the app page for their support links), but I wouldn’t give that a big chance of being implemented, at least not in a short period of time.

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Many yhaks for your reply Caseda, I have changed the title now. OK?

Well, that is why I turn to all of the knowledge in this fantastic forum:

I would like to be able to read the data from Homey (in km/h) and recalculate it to m/s and store it somewere eg. as a varialble. But since I am non-knowledged in Scripting I ask for help.

I have already asked the developer (Athom) to implement this feature. But…

Yes, that is very easy to do, just divide the value by 3.6 with the “calculate as” flow card.

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Make a logic number variable, called Windspeed. Make a flow and at the THEN part logic, calculate number variable. First choose your variable, second choose number and click on the tag right. Enter two {{ Then Search the tag from Netatmo with the windspeed. Click and enter /3.6}}.
You should have {{NetatmoTag / 3.6}}

This way you have m/s

Thanks Caseda, that makes it!

Thanks Marcel, that makes it!

A lot easier to use your Netatmo webinterface. My account/settings/profile /units.

Hej Lasse,

The problem is that these settings are not reflected in Athoms Netatmo app.


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As I wrote. This is in the Netatmo web interface. Still a lot easier.

Mayen a silly question but why do you wish to change this?

Because in Sweden we measure winds peed in m/s.

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