Wifi speakers in general

Hi guys,

i just recived my homey a few weeks ago, just started trying stuff atm - real use of the system starts when i have finished renovating my future apartment - mid of next year.

actually im researching regarding wifi speakers,
on the direct homey shop i only see the sonos speakers,
which im not 100% sure if they are worth the price, and in additon i would like to have some celling speakers in eg. in Kitchen/Dining Room.

while researching i came across the Arylic wifi amplifyers, which seem impressive and would allow celling speakers for a price of 100-150€ per piece.
Do you think there is a chance to connect homey with such a system, or maybe via a broadlink mk4 or something like that?

thanks in advance

Oh, but they are :slight_smile: … the Sonos speakers!

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