Weather textual variable


where should I find all different texts for weather textual variable? Thanks :pray:

It looks like Homey uses OpenWeatherMap, but don’t shoot me if it isn’t :laughing:
These are the descriptions:

Of course you can consider using the Openweather app

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Haha, I thought the same but couldn’t find a proof :smile:
It could be the weather description returned by OpenWeatherMap based on your language (english?). But I couldn’t find that capability in developer dashboard to check if it’s a plain text or an enum variable.

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You can send the info-text to a Log when on changing.

Oh god…thank you guys…I need it for my display where I want to display various icons depends on current weather.

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Then I would better not to count on a text.
As alternative you could use OpenWeather app.
There you can make a flow reacting on weather changes (IF weather has changed). There you can select a possible weather condition in the flow conditions (AND part: AND the weather is…) and make your action depending on that condition.