Washing machine flow

I have created an advanced flow to detect when the washing machine is done and send a message.
I have a Aetoec plug on the unit so i can monitor power.
Thought i could just note the end of the cycle by the drop in power, which i can, but during the cycle the unit has a couple of “waiting” stages where the power drops to less than 1 watt for a few seconds.
This triggers the “end of cycle” part of the flow, half way through the full cycle.
Is there a way to ignore a drop to less than 1 watt unless it last for say 1 min or longer ?


Use a counter to count down from 60 to zero.
Counter starts when power drops to less than 1W, counter is paused or resetted when power is above 1W.
When Counter is zero “end of cycle" can be triggered.
The App Countdown supports this

The solution is usually always the same, namely using a countdown app. But in my opinion, every user has to create individual flows because the consumption behavior of every washing machine can be different. The consumption behavior sometimes even deviates from the used washing programs.
Therefore, it is important to know the consumption behavior. For this it is useful/necessary to record the power consumption every 5 seconds, e.g. with the Simple Log, Paper Trails or Archive Insights App. You can then use this data to create corresponding flows with timers.

Btw, the problem has already been discussed and solved in several “Washing Machine Flow” posts. Maybe you should just search the forum.

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