Wallbox Flow (in combinatie met ECO smart)

Hi everybody,

i am a little bit experimenting with my wallbox and car.
I have the eco smart setting turned on at my wallbox (meaning it will charge when I get more power from the sun then what my house is using)

If I plug in my car it sends me a push message with the range. I want to be able to select overruling the eco smart setting then (if I need more range, or it isn’t very sunny) or wait for the sun.

But i can’t seem to overrule (start manually the charging) with the flows.

Any ideas from you guys (or girls)

The easiest is to add a START button to your flow and use it as a trigger to ask if you want to charge now.

You can add this flow to your Favorite Flows and press the flow to trigger it.
Alternatively, you can create a virtual button.