Voting main topic/ category

Is it available or not but having a dedicated topic/category where we could propose new ideas/requirements/features that we would like Homey Team should taken into account when decide their next ‘sprint’, logbook ?
This could help to see what ‘customers’ preferences, primary/priority on capabilities ?

This is a community forum. Athom is not reading here (a lot).

You can request the community to create/extend apps (see your other post) or you can ask Athom directly via support form on their homepage.

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I know, thanks :ok_hand::pray:
But the more customer, forums make ‘noises’ the more chances to maybe succeed to achieve some.

Good product manager should always see what happen in community… more effective than any survey :wink:

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Trust me they know pretty good what lives in the community.

but they are also showed this when I wanted to create a Flow:

So don’t worry they will use survey’s much for that…

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Interesting :wink:

Old school response of product manager …
Who response to survey ?

And I agree that they support, assistant is not so good and provide the answer you provide.
But a product is better and better by a strong community