Update 4.0.0 does not work/start

When i log into my app and click on settings updates it reports there is a new update available for Homey version 4.0.0
When i start the update update it report starting updates but then nothing seems to be happing.
The button changes to: Update wordt gestart but that is it…
I waited for 15 minutes but nothing is happening, no progress bar, homey led lights are also not on.

After 15 minutes i closed the app and started it again and it shows my home screen and all devices have a red triangle, when i go back into settings updates it still reports that there is an 4.0.0 update available.

When i press it again it starts again and again nothing seems to be happening.

What do i wrong or how to fix this?

I need the 4.0.0. update because i purchased the backup function and want to use it.

Anyone an idea how to get this to work?

Just try to restart Homey. If this doesn’t work, pull the plug and restart and if that doesn’t work pull the plug for at least 15 min. and restart. Suc6

is fixed.

It seemed that i first had to update the app on my phone.
Then reboot Homey (from the app) and then start update again, then the update was started as usually.

Tip for others.
After the update of Homey version 4.0.0 is finished first LOGOUT of your app on your phone and log in again.
I only got the new backup options in the app after i logged out.