UDP Support


I am looking for someone who can help me to develop something to make it easy to send and receive UDP commands.

I want to directly send and receive UDP from and to devices.
For example: when my zigbee ligt sensor sense an change in light I want to be able to send UDP:
/hallwaytx/lightsensor/lux/## (with the ## being the value)

And for the sending example: when I want to control a zwave dimmer:

If someone knows a programmer that would be fine too, I don’t mind paying a little bit for this.

Please let me know if someone can help me out so we can discuss it in more detail.

With kind regards, Marc

Hi @Mj-k,
are you actually talking about sending a network UDP package with a string content?
If so, then that would be possible but be aware that UDP is not a handshaked protocol. Messages are legit to be missed by the receiver.

Hi @Shakesbeard,
Yes that’s what I would like
I know it’s not a handshake protocol but that wouldn’t be necessary, I do a lot with UDP and have never had any issue with it within a small network.

In your usage it might be better to have a program ‘somewhere’ that just rebroadcasts selected MQTT topics as udp. All the event interception and topic construct can be handled already by the MQTT hub app on Homey. Such a utility app may even exist already …

well technically not a big deal. LIFX (LAN) uses UDP broadcasts mainly. PM me if you need more infos on that.

I don’t know udp, but maybe with this app? send web socked.

hi Mj-K , I’m also searching for a means to send temperature / humidity values to Loxone but get stuck aal the time. I can send a pulse which is captured in Loxone, but values don’t work? Did you find a suitable way meanwhile?