Turn on the AppleTV with Homey

Is it possible to make a app that at least can turn on a AppleTV?

I can turn it on with my TV, but its a old one, and it’s difficult and unreliable to turn on my AppleTV.

Each card has a delay, the thing is that when i turn on my TV, it takes a while before it finds the HDMI CEC source from my Apple TV, so all and all it takes 30 seconds to turn on my AppleTV.

This is my flow now:

And sometimes it sends a command twice, for example the “down” command, which results in selecting the wrong source.

Is there anyone who has the skills to build a app for this? I’d be happy to donate :slight_smile:

Anyone? bump:sweat_smile:

I use the IR command function from atv 4k , added a new ir device with a device that i do not have, this virtual ir i learned on via the settings on atv , that would ve the first way .
otherwise if you had an okd atv 3 remote you can learn them on homey and power on atv via ok button - this is the second way
and when you control your tv with homey then activate hdmi-cec control in booth devices , when tv switch to hdmi it power on atv and switch back to tv or else put him to stand by mode.
third way
and last but not least use virtual device + atv control from homekit app in combination like precense .

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you can turn on apple tv 4 with via http
http://apple-tv-ip:3689/login?pairing-guid=Appletv serial no.

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How does this apply to the new 2.0 app?
Not sure if i the flowcard is correct!

I came across this link describing how to implement the URL in Siri shortcuts


I wonder how this could be applied to the new 2.0 app

does not work longer with ios 12.1… tvos
now need oauth verification

Thanks Marc, i will do some research on Google.
Or do you perhaps have some more info on how to create the correct setup?


At the moment it only possible to control the apple tv when you pair it as remote. in my smarthome i use node-apple-tv to control my ATV 3 and 4K HDR because my Homey has no visibility to use IR commands in flow {like : menu x times to get back to main -> then navigate the selection to settings ( i moved them on the top right corner) -> select -> xy down to shutdown -> select } 2-3 sec later appletv 4k was schutdown. that i had used before i changed to node-apple-tv maybe this could be used for a homey app if someone can do this.

Thanks Marc, i guess this is concerning a config pre-Homey2019/app2.0?

Currently i have the CEC switched to enable (both tv and Apple TV4K) which power on my Apple TV when the flowcard for ‘turn on tv’ is executed.

If i run the flow ‘watch tv’ then apple tv also power on and goes to standby mode after a while. This is where the ‘problem’ starts. If i, some time later, decide to start the flow ‘watch movie’ my television is already on but the Apple TV in standby mode. So i guess i need a individual flowcard which is related to powering on the Apple TV #3rdworldproblems

this are some button from node js plugin running on a rpi zero .

I have the same challenge but a suggestion leading to a possible workaround. My AppleTV4K turns on when I start a song from Spotify send to my AppleTV over AirPlay. After you’ve at least once used AppleTV succesfully with the Spotify account, Spotify is appatantly allowed to do this, even over a 4G connection to the cloud (you don’t have to be on Wi-Fi). Result is that the HDMI device behind the AppleTV is also turned on.
My ultimate goal is to use Flows to enable music automatically while turning on the receiver. However I don’t know how to create a flow with Spotify?

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Correction, after returning home again I noticed I couldn’t activate my AppleTV. My conclusion is that in my previous test with my Wi-Fi disabled, the AppleTV was in fact re-enabled over Bluetooth, as when I just tried to reproduce it failed when I was out of Bluetooth reach. In fact this was a workaround for the limited IR capacity. I’m afraid I’m going to buy an IR repeater to work around the weak IR performance of the Homey itself while creating an IR button which I can enable remotely and combine it with a flow.

Within the settings of my Apple TV4K i managed to learn my existing remote from my Denon AVR , which luckily can be controlled by Homey.

I succesfully learnt the Denon remote with the Enter button functioning as ‘select’ to hopefully power on the Apple TV. This worked while pressing fysically on the Enter button, but unfortunately the ‘Enter command’ from Denon app on Homey is not picked up by the Apple TV through IR. How frustrating!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::fire:

Hi Marc, I am new to Homey so just learning about this topic. I would like to create a simple flow to turn on my Apple TV, my Denon AVR, and my Samsung Tv, ready for me to sit down and select what to watch. Would you be able to provide any ideas?

sorry , for the late answer , do you want all devices at same time ? with only one switch , or for every device / functions a switch and then a flow which turns on all the switches ?

with homey the apple tv can only push on via Tv and hdmisync or with am ir remote which you can learn on homey , but for this homey and the apple tv must be see each other , the other devices have an app to control it

Thanks Marc, better late than never as they say. I ended up doing this using a Logitech Harmony Hub. Works great with a good supporting App. Only problem now is that Logitech have announced they have ceased producing this device. Hopefully someone purchases it.