Turn Flood Light on - Netatmo Presence Camera

Can a flow be setup to do the following.

Scenario… I think some one is outside… camera has picked up no motion, but I want to turn the flood light on (Netatmo Presence Camera)

Before I buy it. Want to use it as a flood light as well… All-in-one-unit

Manual Flow.

  1. Turn Exterior Flood light on (Netatmo Presence Camera)
  2. Turn off Exterior Flood Light on (Netatmo Presence Camera)

Is this possible ???

Hi, I already bought my Netatmo Presence and I am interested in this function, but I have not yet installed the camera so I cannot tell if it would work the way I would try to solve it. But I did make a button to manually swith on the alarm (because the automatic presence detection is unreiable/slow). The trick is to go to settings/experiments and enable “virtual devices”. Then you can add a device - virtual devices - choose a name - then the pictogram of the on/off button and function. When done, you can create a flow using this button to switch on/off another device, like the floodlight if that can be seen in the options (which I cannot confirm at this moment). But I am pessimistic: I do see options to send commands to my Netatmo Thermostat, but not to my Netatmo Welcome camera, so I doubt it will be the case for the Presence camera.

No, on Pressence there are only trigger cards for Person-, Car,- Animal- detected and camera -disconnected or -connected.

No other Conditions or actions.

You can only do that manual from the Netatmo security app.