Turing Complete with flows!?

So this argument is then totally rhetorical? Do I understand correctly, that you are pro this suggestion but against the TC reference?

No, you don’t understand correctly.

Please enlighten me then?

“I’m against the proposition that adding that extension would suddenly make Homey’s flows TC”.

Either it’s already TC, or it’s not. Adding this extension won’t change it.

I feel like my messages are not being read?

(The questionmarks are the number1 flowvariable)

Here is a Flow (method) with 2 aruments: 1 text and 1 number.
When the flow is started, it will executed itself 11 times; 5 times with the text Text1-5, 5 times with the text Text5-10 and then reset with text Restart.

This is what you are talking about right?

Well, you asked to add this for the sake of turing completeness, which is a bad argument, and because if that not likely to be implemented. That is why I asked for real life examples (a better reason).

For now fixing Group app bugs seems like an easier route to your use case. Also the group app is more versatile and easier to understand by the masses in my opinion.

+1 for this feature.

Hoop is great but in my opinion there is some space between homey flows and hoop. And they can exist next to eachother