Tradfri light triggered by Tradfri app, without flow

Actually, I just had something similar happen with a Schneider Electric dimmer. Weird. It is simply turned on or off from basic flows. Why the one turning it on isn’t named in the log I don’t know, but suddenly the app turns it off again immediately after being turned on.

Has anyone experienced this?

Edit: more like five seconds later this time, so a bit different.

This happens when you turn on the lamp by using a “dim lamp A to 50%” action card.
Then the log says the app turned the lamp on, instead “flow X” turned the lamp on.
So, “Turn lamp A on (or off)” does gets registered in the device log.

Hint: to log all, and view all flow behaviour, use a logging app like Papertrails or Simple Log.

You are right :slight_smile: an easy thing for Athom to fix. But the other problem is still a mystery: why is “Schneider Electric” and “IKEA Trådfri” switching devices on or off at their own discretion :roll_eyes: