Title of slider or thermostat UIComponent

I tried to set the Title of a custom capability “setpoint” using UI component “slider” but I do not see any title in de mobile app when the slider is shown.
Same for UI component “thermostat”.

Also setting unit to °C has no effect. Still see percentages.

“type”: “number”,
“min”: 15,
“max”: 23,
“step”: 0.5,
“title”: {
“en”: “Setpoint”
“units”: {
“en”: “°C”
“chartType”: “stepLine”,
“decimals”: 2,
“insights”: true,
“getable”: true,
“setable”: true,
“uiComponent”: “slider”

Did I miss something in the configuration?

The title is shown (as dropdown list) if there are more than 1 sliders in a device.

Indeed that worked, thank for that info.

Regarding the units, can it be set to °C instead of %?

In GUI? Not possible.
See this Slack thread…