Temporarily disabling circadian light flow upon manual brightness change

Hi all,

Currently I have two flows for the Hue lights in my living room: one for the dimmer switch and one for circadian rhytm. Currently when the lights in the living room are on the temperature and brightness automatically change depending on the sun events app. Basically when the position of the sun changes the brightness and temperature of the lights is automatically changed.

Here’s the thing. I want this flow to be disabled when I manually make a change to the brightness of the lights. This was relatively easily to do with the physically buttons of the Hue Dimmer but I haven’t been able to figure something out for when I change the brightness via an app (Hue or Homey).

To give an idea of how it works right now with the physical Hue Dimmer buttons:

If dimming up (or down) button pressed then increase/decrease relative brightness by 12% and disable flow Circadian Living Room.

If lights living room turned off and flow Circadian Living Room disabled then enable flow Circadian Living Room.

If sun event sunrise or sunset and flow Circadian Living Room disabled then enable flow Circadian Living Room.

So simply put anytime the brightness of the lights change NOT through the flow Circadian Living Room I want that particular flow to be disabled until I turn the lights off completely or a sunrise-/set event occurs.

You can compare the change of the new dimming level with the current Circadian dimming level. If these two dimming levels are not identical, which will be the case if you change the dimming level via smartphone app and/or Hue Dimmer, you can disable the Circadian flow like you do it with the flow with the Hue Dimmer.

The trigger must be the change of the dimming level. It can be done with the build-in logic cards, but it’s a bit more complicated. Or with one of the apps Device Capabilities or Light Triggers. Both are able to monitor the change of the dimming level of a lamp.

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Hi Dirk,

Sincere apologies for not responding sooner. I just wanted to let you know that this works like a charm.

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