Telldus magnetic sensor/door sensor


New to homey and just got my first devices. Thermometer and Magnetic door sensor, both from Telldus.
Installed the Telldus app and managed to connect the door sensor.

Creating two flows, one triggering when door open and one triggering when door closed.
My problem: Door closed is triggered even though the sensor is not closed after 7-8 seconds. And then when I actually close it, nothing happens.

Tried to google high and low on this. Same issue with booth my magnetic sensors.

Thanks for any input

Is your flow dour closed triggered when the door is open or is the device triggered?

Is it maybe a setting from the device? Although your link says that auto off setting is by default set to off.

Can you post your flows

Thanks for the reply.
The flow is triggered while the sensor is apart from each other.
If I close the sensor within a couple of seconds I get expected behavior. But if I wait 7-8 seconds the trigger “close” is triggered …

Not sure if there is a better way to post flows than copy paste an image … here goes.

Flows are not the problem. Just guessing could it be a setting of this device? You could try resetting the device towards the initial settings. Another possibility is that this is the default setting. In that case go in homey to your device, right top push the wheel, advanced settings, maybe you can post these settings.

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Looks like you got this!
Will test tonight when I get home. Thanks for the help.

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That did the trick, thanks!