Tasmota 16CH relay HELP PLEASE

Hello, please i have tasmota 16CH relay and i use it for floor heating system. The mqtt can not controll it well so i am controling it with http request and it is working good. But i need some help with advanced flow. There is 16 relays and they are controlled by the room thermostat. But on the 1-15 relays are magnets and 16 relay is only signal reley for heating. I need some flow to say if any on 1-15 relays are ON so the relay 16 will ON too. If every one relay are OFF then turn OFF relay 16. Because relay 16 can not be open when is everything OFF and must be OFF too. Please help me with this flow.

Hi Adam,

You can use the < group > app for that.
A group is a virtual switch/relay in your case, driven by the state of the group members

  • Just add the 1-15 relays to a new group
    • The group’s capability is OnOff
  • When you use group setting “any is on” (or the likes), the group device will:
    → turn On when 1 or more of the 1-15 relays is/are On
    → turn Off when all of the 1-15 relays are Off

Only 2 flows are needed.

You can control relay 16 with the group device as trigger:
group device is turned on
turn on relay 16

Same goes for the Off flow

Hi, Peter

Thank you, I didn’t think of using a group for this, but it works great.

You can also solve this with Advanced Flows without installing an additional (?) app. The work is just a little greater.
Especially with the HP16-19 it’s not always possible to install additional apps because the memory might already be too full.
If you are interested, please let me know.