Suprema Astuta


I bought this beautiful light bulb … it has the ability to adjust the brightness and shades of white. But the Homey PRO hub only allows switching on and off … I contacted the manufacturer who told me that it is a standard bulb similar to Philips HUE bulbs and that it uses the CCT ZLL protocol … Does anyone know what to do?

If there is no app (in the app store) it will include as a generic zigbee device which only has on/off capabilities (like you already mentioned).
With Homey every brand/device needs its own app to get full functionality, that also means for this bulb.
So you could ask in the community app request topic If any community developer is willing to create an app for this brand, if you can’t do it yourself.
You could also ask Athom if they are willing, but they will need enough requests, otherwise they won’t put any energie in it.

Ok… Where I can find the API to create the app for device? grazie!

You can find any development documentation here for Homey pre v5.
After v5 it will need to be rewritten for SDKv3 which can be found here

ok!!! I will try!!!