Steinel Smart Home App (v1.0.3)

unfortunately i haven’t found a solution yet, i’m surprised that not several and especially the developer of this app (@ TedTolboom) for homey doesn’t write anything about this issue.

i am in contact with steinel, they didn’t know a solution.

do others have the same problem?

greetings philipp

Have a problem with the time he makes a motion report.
At the settings, I have 30 seconds in the Motion detection ON time.
But after 10 seconds he goes out again.
You can also make it 180 seconds, it doesn’t matter.
Upon detection, the message goes out after 10 seconds.
Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem …


could you please write in english?

I have made it in English


I have issues with my Steinel XLED. From beginning everything was working fine. But since 1 week the device stopp reporting Lux and motion. and also the status On/Off is not reported to homey anymore.

I had to add homey to the Assoziation Group 3 and 4 to are able to recieve Lux and motion again. But still have the problem with the ON/Off status even when I add homey to the Assoziation Group 2.

I can still switch the LED within homey app On and Off. But when the LED is switched on through the motion homey shows still LED is OFF.
I’m wondering why it was working in the beginning without any issues?!

@TedTolboom here you can see the Z-Wave log

2020-02-24T19:03:32.591Z Node[187]: Received application command for COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL, data: 0x05030a0002
2020-02-24T19:03:32.592Z Node[187]: [COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL] {"Sensor Type (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[3]},"Sensor Type":"Luminance (version 1)","Level (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[10]},"Level":{"Size":2,"Scale":1,"Precision":0},"Sensor Value":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0,2]},"Sensor Value (Parsed)":2}
2020-02-24T19:03:51.320Z Node[187]: Received application command for COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION, data: 0x05000000ff070800
2020-02-24T19:03:51.322Z Node[187]: [COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION] {"V1 Alarm Type (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"V1 Alarm Type":0,"V1 Alarm Level (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"V1 Alarm Level":0,"Reserved (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"Notification Status (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[255]},"Notification Status":"On","Notification Type (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[7]},"Notification Type":"Home Security","Event (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[8]},"Event":8,"Properties1 (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"Properties1":{"Event Parameters Length":0,"Sequence":false},"Event (Parsed)":"Motion Detection, Unknown Location"}
2020-02-24T19:03:51.497Z Node[187]: Received application command for COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC, data: 0x01ff
2020-02-24T19:03:51.497Z Node[187]: [COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC] {"Value (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[255]},"Value":255}
2020-02-24T19:04:03.099Z Node[187]: Received application command for COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION, data: 0x05000000ff07000108
2020-02-24T19:04:03.104Z Node[187]: [COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION] {"V1 Alarm Type (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"V1 Alarm Type":0,"V1 Alarm Level (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"V1 Alarm Level":0,"Reserved (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"Notification Status (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[255]},"Notification Status":"On","Notification Type (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[7]},"Notification Type":"Home Security","Event (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"Event":0,"Properties1 (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[1]},"Properties1":{"Event Parameters Length":1,"Sequence":false},"Event Parameter":{"type":"Buffer","data":[8]},"Event (Parsed)":"Event inactive"}
2020-02-24T19:06:58.086Z Node[187]: Received application command for COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC, data: 0x0100
2020-02-24T19:06:58.086Z Node[187]: [COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC] {"Value (Raw)":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0]},"Value":0}

line 6 ON command
line 10 OFF command

Homey receive the ON/OFF commands but the App doesn’t recognize this?


hast du schon mal alles vom Strom genommen?

Ich muss immer wieder mal alles vom Strom nehmen da der Bewegungsmelder einfriert.


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have you ever taken anything off the grid?

I have to take everything off the grid every now and then because the motion detector freezes.


@TedTolboom Any ideas? Could the Problem be related to Homey v4.0?

Hi Ted,

I’m experiencing some problems with the L810 LED iHF Z-Wave. After I’ve included the device within my network the lamp seems to work partially. The toggle ON/OFF switch does not work to turn the light on or off. However, the dimming function does work. The only thing of the dimmer is that the dimmer slider/value ‘jumps’ to a different position in the app after setting it. Don’t know what the correct setting is then.

Please let me know what your thoughts are and if I can help you with something!

Kind regards,

What I found is that the on/off button within the app (and within device) does not work. But when I go to --> tools --> z-wave, click on the three dots on the right side of the node and send ‘Basic On’ command the light does turn on. So it seems to me that the button within the app does not work?

Also, an on or off command through flows does not turn the light on.

Hello @TedTolboom,

i own 4 RS LED D2 Z-Wave. Every few days either the motion detector freezes at one of the lamps, i.e. from that point on the motion remains active. It happens more and more often now during LUX measurement.

Have you had this problem before and is there anything you can change in your app?



Hello @Jurgen_De_Boever, did you solve your problem?

Best regards


Hello @Philipp_Karl; For the moment i don’t have a issue anymore. Have update some parameters in the Steinel and now it is working fine. Thx for asking

hello @Jurgen_De_Boever,

could you share your parameter?


hello @Jurgen_De_Boever,

could you please make a screenshot from your settings?


Hello @Philipp_Karl,

Herewith i send you 3 photos from the advanced settings of the parameters

IF you don’t see it let me know



hello @Jurgen_De_Boever,

thanks a lot, i see you are using the normal mode? do you control the on/off switching not via flows? also the brightness sensor is not used but an external one?

According to me the parameters 12 and 16 were the deciding factors, since i changed them a week ago it seems that the movement doesn’t freeze anymore.



Hello @Philipp_Karl

Yes i’m using a Flow in combination with the IS 140-2

The Flow is simple setup

When IS 140-2 Turned-on

And It isn’t between Sunrise ends 0 Sunset Start 0

Then Turn on Relais

And this is working very fast for a motion device.

Correct that i’m not using the brightness sensor, because instead i’m using day/night of the general functions. Is normally not a problem



I have the Steinel IS 140-2. I have the problem that Homey reports the lux-value properly for a few weeks, but then the sensor-value ‘freezes’ at 2000lx. Ex- and including the Steinel back in the network fixes it for a few weeks.

Does this sound familiar? Could it be an app/Homey problem or a sensor/Steinel problem?

i have the steinel RS LED D2 Z-Wave, i have the same problem but with the motion detector, it freezes again and again, at least once a week, then i have to disconnect the light from the power supply and then it works again. very annoying. the developer of the app does not take a stand here in the forum.

others do not seem to have such problems either?

greetings philipp