Start music playing when somebody arrive home

I would like to play the music when one of our family arrive home. First i try to play music on echo dot 3 with Amazon Alexa app. It doesn’t work, maybe the country problem, i don’t know but alexa doesn’t play anything. After i bought a google chrome cast to play music from plex. To i t i need to switch on the tv first then start music, it is quite unstable. I don’t want to buy sonos, it is too expensive for welcome music.
Thank you in advance for your help!

I will share my flows later (do not have much time now)
What I did:
Create 2 virtual devices: “Radio ON” & “Radio playing“
“Radio ON” controls if the radio should start playing automatically (i do not always want to autoplay)
“Radio playing” controls the playing of the radio

I have a motion sensor that determines presence. It starts the “radio playing” only when “Radio ON” is true.

A timer switches off the radio when no motion is detected

A hue remote control is used to control “Radio On”. The dimmer buttons on this remote are used to control the volume

Switch radio on

“Radio ON” also start the “playing”, and sets the default volume (see control the volume)

Motion keeps the radio playing

When no motion is detected and the timer ends playing is stopped:

Auto off switches off the radio when playing has stopped for longer time

Ok, thank you. I will tes tit, but I think it will be good for me. So chromecast and a tv the requirements. I wanted not to use the TV, but chromecast doesn’t work with only speaker. Am I right?
Thank you for your help.

Depends on the chromecast you have.
I have a chromcast audio, it has an optical out.
That is connected to class-A amplifier and some great speakers.
Big advantage: I can select my own adio equipment, much better quality than Sonos :slight_smile:
No TV needed…

I have google chromcast 3. As I know chromecast audio is discontinuing. Hmmm, maybe I could buy one. Good idea :slight_smile: