Spotify login


Is there anyone having issues logging on to the Spotify connect app? When installing I have to login to Spotify. Whatever I try, it says ‘Oops looks like there is a problem’.

Can anyone help?


Just to be sure, i believe it wont work with a free account (please correct me if iam wrong)

I don’t think so since I have a premium account.

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Try to delete the app. Restart Homey , reinstall the app suc6

Tried it. No luck unfortunately. Still the same error message.

Simply upgrade to Premium. Most of the time you have some months for free in which you can test. You can simply go back to the free account without losing playlists or other settings

Hi Henk, as I said before I have premium account. If I open de api link in.Chrome it does go though, but de callback to Athom does not work since it did not open the API request in the Hkmey app. Seems that the internal browser in the app does not support the API call. I use the Homey app on an iPhone.