Speech to API command

I have gotten a BlueSound Node 2i which I am happy with, but the BluVoice system have some limitations. I cannot just ask Google Assist to play, let’s say, no Duopt don’t speak.

The API for blue sound is here: https://www.bluesound.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Custom-Integration-API-v1.0.pdf

The string I need to send using Tidal is probably something like this: start%3D30%26end%3D79

(Well, my ip for blue sound is Probably need a auto play command too so it start to play the top song found.

IFTTT is able to convert Speech to Text…(STT?) Maybe Homey too? Maybe google assist also tells the language used by user?

What I sort of image is a table of key words for artist, album, song and playlist coded in many languages, and code that are able to make a working API string to send to sound system.

Like tell google assist
“tidal artist no doubt” —> search up the artist and plays
“Tidal artist joe cocker song unchain my heart”
“Tidal artist xyz album zzz”

My guess API will be common for sound system in the future, so probably the code could expand to other streamers too with minor adjustments.

BlueSound have BluVoice, but it can only search for song using Alexa (I have Google and Siri) …and only in English… Siri plays dumb for all song services other than Apple Music. Google can do Spotify, but that’s it so far.

A IFTTT script might do this too, but then I must open port 11000 on firewall, and redirect IP in router… seems easier in Homey that’s already on the inside. maybe?

The idea is based on an IFTTT script where.Google assist send “tell Pc to stop” ==> IFTTT that picks out the stop command from speech —> google drive document —> my PC picks up that document via yet another program, that read “stop”, and stops then the media player on the PC.

I stop the BlueSound using a virtual switch on Homey and the BlueSound app. Thx forums for showing me how :slight_smile: have also made virtual switches for the most common radio channels I use.

But for search by speech —> API I need help.