Sonoff Motion Sensor radio doesn’t wake up in the morning

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I’m glad I discovered honey as it has the right balance between all the possibilities and minimum of tinkering…as long as everything works.

I have a few Sonoff Zigbee devices and I’m facing an issue with the radio not waking up after a long idle time. Especially overnight.

It has happened now a few times with their motion sensor. I can see led blinking from time to time, showing it’s on, but Homey can’t communicate with the device. I can’t ping it from developers page as device needs to be first awake.

I have tried both Sonoff official and community app. I have not had this issue when using official eWeLink app and Sonoff zigbee router.

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To me it sounds like it’s on the edge of the zigbee mesh.
Try this: Temporary let the motion sensor sit next to Homey for 24 to 36hrs, to see if that solves the issue.
When yes:
You can add a mains powered zigbee device to extend the range, place it somewhere between the sensor and the nearest zigbee router.

Also take note of this zigbee issue:

And do check your wifi 2.4GHz vs zigbee interference, and adjust the channels if necessary:

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I’m a bit skeptical, but I will try.

This is because the motion sensor is about 2 meters in direct line of sight from the Sonoff smart outlet, which works as a Zigbee repeater.

It also works during the day, and it stops during the night.

It also worked at the same place when using Sonoff’s own Zigbee bridge. Sonoff wireless button in the same area (close to the Homey Pro 20232), works well.

I will experiment with the wifi and ZigBee channels.

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