Someone is in the shower flow

Hey, i’m trying to get a “someone i s in the shower” state by using humidity in the shower but i can’t get it right because i don’t know how to tell homey that a value is raising or lowering

If humidity is higher then 65 then someone in shower is yes

If humidity is lower then 80 then someone in shower is no

But offcourse i mean when the humidity is raising and past 65 or lowering and under 80

How can i do this?!

Put the device card “humidity has changed” in the WHEN part. Then add a logic card “tag is greater than” in the AND part where you can the local tag (click on gray label icon) humidity.

I’ve not tested this but maybe u can try it.

the AND column Math.js make sure the humidity is increasing and exercute the light on flow. else it assume no one is in the shower and updates the lower humidity levels.

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I use a variable as well for the previous humidity measurement. If the humidity rises faster then x% in 3 minutes, someone is taking a hot shower. Another approach is this: when door is locked, then teenage son is in the shower😂

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