Smanos zwave Alarm system

Why is nobody talking about the Smanos K1/K2 security system? It’s a zwave (plus) compatible alarm system which should integrate perfectly with Homey. There’s is a IFTTT workaround (disarmed, armed and armed in home) for basic integration but i would like to use the motion detectors and door/window contacts in some other flows.

What do we need to get this to work?

You can make a device or App Request.

I have allready done that. I’m new to homey , so I don 't have a clue how much time it will take to make such an implementation. I was just amazed that it’s not integraded allready. It’s a great security system and safe to use because of it’s own controller .

could any experienced developers give an indication of time to implement an app? Is it possible to use a template from another zwave product suite as a basis to develop and shortcut some of the effort?

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