Slow Niko Friends of hue 4 button switch


I bought the Niko friends of hue 4 button switch. It works but it is slooooooooow.
Between pushing the button and the the reaction of the device there’s a delay of approx 3 seconds. Sometimes it even took more then 5 seconds before the lights switched.
It’s triggering ikea lights and hue lights. The hue lights seem to suffer less from it (allthough it also takes more then 2 seconds on average)
I have another switch (Aqara) and it’s also suffering from delay, it doesn’t seem to be that worse.

Anybody has the same experience? Or does this has something to do with the configuration?
With the smart phone app, reaction time is much better.


I’m using the version 5.0.1. Nothing fancy installed on it.
The Niko switched is installed in the hue app, and imported via the Phillips Hue app (does this makes sense?). 3 buttons are triggering three group apps which contains ikea devices (GU10 spot / E27 lights bulbs) The other button triggers a hue bulb.

The flows are simple:

Do I understand you right that the switch is connected to the Hue bridge? As I understand, the Hue bridge does not actively send state information to Homey. Instead the Hue app needs to poll every 5 seconds to see what is going on. So that could explain the average 2,5 delay, with 5 sec worst case if Homey needs to respond to something that happens in the Hue bridge.

I use Aqara Opple switches and other Zigbee stuff coupled directly to Homey, and this responds always within a second.

It’s indeed connected to the Hue bridge. Up until now, I didn’t find a way to connect it directly.

I also have a Aqara double switch. It’s better, but on average it also takes between 1 and two seconds before the bulbs react.

Thanks for the tip on the hue app polling the hue bridge. Didn’t know that.