Shelly h&t not update

Hi, I have some Shelly q & t whose data is not updated in my homey pro. In shelly portal cloud the devices are functioning correctly and the data is updated. If I delete the devices in homey and add them again, the data is detected correctly but then they are no longer updated.
Could you help me?
Thank you very much

As far as I see there is no model Q&T supported in the App,
Have you searched or asked in the App Topic?

The devices are h&t (humidity and temperature sensor)

Gilberto Pertile from mobile.

Better yet, have you followed the troubleshooting guide from the already linked support topic?!?

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Hello Gilberto…we also use the H&T… updates really slowly…just checked…my device was updated 6 hours ago… also was a bit astonished but somewhere I read it doens´t update so often for saving battery…