Sensibo support

Can someone build a Sensibo app? Its a device to make AC’s smart


I would also want this! I’m not a programmer so I would need someone else to do it. I could crowdsource some money for someone to help me :smiley: Alt try to program it together with someone! I asked in the Homey Slack channel and got this answer:

"You can also use the http request app to send commands to the airco by the way: ’curl -X POST{device_id}/acStates?apiKey={api_key} -d "{\"acState\":{\"on\":true}}"

(the http request app can do the curl part for you)

The http-request is easy though! Download and create a flow with an action from this app, the ‘POST JSON’ card will probably work. Fill in the address with the apiKey, and the JSON bit, and your can turn your AC on and off :+1:’"

There is a Homey Community App Requests topic where you can request an app.

Please make sure you make the request with the provided template, to make sure all needed information is provided.

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Hi. I have started to build an app for this.

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Need any contribution?! Very happy to hear this!

I have added the app to Github now… Please check out and test. I don’t have a Sensibo myself :wink:


  • You have to put your API-KEY in env.json before installing the app. At least for now
  • Might need a correct icon.svg. Anyone here who can create the icon.svg - file ?
  • I have not tested on V2

The App works great on one device, but I have 3 devices.
How do you control multiple devices?

Have you installed the beta-version from the app-store ?

Should be able to add more than one Sensibo, but I have not tried that myself.

The name will be “Sensibo …room name…”, but that can be changed.

I have 2 and they work fine with the app.

HomeKit connection seems a bit unstable tough…

I installed the beta version 0.2.0 fro App-store, the only version that seems to be available on Homey V 2.0.
Put in 1 API key - do I need multiple?
For now my setup is 1 Sensibo in the livingroom and 1 in the basement.
I make a flow for the living room and 1 for the basement.
Both devices are added, but when running the flows only 1 device is reacting.
Turning off Sensibo in the livingroom, will turn of the Sensibo in the basement.

#Ogge Nice to know your setup is working :wink:

What am I doing wrong?

@ogge, can you help on this one ?

I don’t know if I’m any help here… All i Did was add the API key and when I choose add device and then sensibo I had both of my Sensibos as a choice…

I did the same here, but this is not working for me.
The origanal Sensibo app works perfectly on IOS.
When adding 2 Sensibo´s here it seems like the Homey app can’t see the difference between the 2 devices.
Love this app and would really want this to work.

The newest version (0.3.0), coming in app store soon, will have a fix for this.


Great work balmli, everything seems to be working now.
Thanks for your efforts and fantastic support :wink:

At Sensibo webpage, in generating a API, what name should I use there? Room name or location name? Location name is for all Sensibo units in my account, room name is for each unit. No matter what I try it responds with “No devices found”… Heeeelp :grin:(upload://pjNEgqKl2Loxk6hJSzIqelo762F.jpeg)