Send push message to all users


I’m pretty new to Homey and discovering more each day, yet I struggle with this: how can I make a card that sends a push message to ALL users at once, now I have to add an extra card for each user with the same message.
For example when smoke is detected -> send push notification to all users

Thx in advance!

Afaik this is not possible, so you have to create a card for every user separately.

So if there is a guest in the house with access to Homey the only way to send a push message to him/her is to add a card everytime? Sounds like a future function request is inbound :slight_smile:

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What guest? And what do you mean by every time?
It is not very clear what you are asking for now…

You can send a push message to every Homey member with a mobile phone from a flow. Just put in the push message card and select the member of choice.

You can try if this works for you

Maybe I have a solution (which I use, but it is not working for guests). I have a variable with the name push_message_all created in logic. The I have the following flows.

IF variabele push_message_all has changed
THEN for every user a card to send a push message with the tag from the push_message_all variabele

Then for every flow where I want to send a push message to all the card in the THEN column "set variabele push_message_all " with the text in it which you wanna send…


this works perfect. great idea!! I now have made different family groups so I can flexibly send to whatever set of people I need.