See all actual temperatures in 1 overview

Great app! Is it possible to include information on when the temperature-reading was done; like ”a few seconds ago” or ”ten minutes ago”?

It’s always the current known temperature, as registered by Homey (the device driver/app). There is no timestamp available. The temperature monitor app does not ‘request’ the readings.

Thank you for your quick reply. If I understand you correctly, the time-stamp that is displayed for each sensor-device (see below) cannot be displayed in the temperature monitor app?

@Patrik_Bergman good catch. Does anyone know where that info comes from?

Asked the same question to Ted in the Xiaomi thread. I wish that information would be available in a tag so i can trigger a warning if a sensor is unresponsive. Works more specific and direct imo than a generic “device didn’t respond” flow.

Have another look in the Heimdall app :wink:
This code shows a last seen based on the most recent communication, it cycles through the capabilities to retrieve the most recent but when the capability is know you can just retrieve that one.

@DaneedeKruyff do all capabilities have a lastUpdated property?

Yes, see the api-playground on the developer pages, just execute Homey.devices.getDevices({ online: true });

Available in the store now.

Version 2.0.7

  • Fixed the hiding of devices when not in config mode
  • Resolved an issue where moving sliders resulted in selecting text on iOS devices
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Love your app! Great to be able to see all the temperature in one page. Most of my sensors include humidity data, would it be possible to add that capability in so devices that have that show both temp and humidity?

Very nice this app! is ist possible to see the temp and humidity in the app?

I installed the app but there is no readings at all. What am I missing or doing wrong?

Checked that but the heat pump temperatures will not show.

It is a Nibe Heat pump. The Nibe app shows the temperatures but not Temperature Monitor.

I also got a radiator from Adax, the temperatures from this is visible in Temperature Monitor.

Yes, all temperatures and other information about power, fan speed etc. is visible in the Nibe Homey app.

The nibe app probably doesn’t use the default temperature capabilities to report its state.