Security camera system without cloud compatible with Homey (mouvement/sound notifications)


I want to change my security camera system for a 100% local usage.
Actually i use Arlo system which depend on cloud and is very expensive.
I’m looking for cheep security camera and no cloud at all.
My dad gives me an Yi 1080p to test it on Homey. The Yi has the Yi hack with a lot more tweaks.
I activated Onvif support and use the app in Homey.
Worked fine except for mouvement notifications, don’t have the flow for that, don’t understand why.
I’m also looking for a Tapo C310 but not sure it will work.
Any idea or suggestions ?
Thanks !

These are the Onvif triggercards for both my (different) noname el-cheapo cams.
How does it look at your Homey?
Sabotage alarm goes on
Sabotage alarm goes off
Movement sensor goes on
Movement sensor goes off
Movement active
Movement inactive
Snapshot available
Movement snapshot available

I sadly don’t have « Movement sensor goes on ».

I’m trying now to use MQTT for that but i don’t understand how it work.

Okay, that depends on the cam model then so it seems. Then I can only say, try an other cam.
Can’t help you with mqtt😶

What do you see for motion settings in the advanced settings of the device in Homey?

If the camera is not reporting motion capabilities then the option will not be there.

You could also send me the information log from the Configure app page so I can see what the Camera is reporting.

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Thanks !


Unfortunately the camera is not reporting any motion detection options. So either the camera does not do motion detection or it doesn’t report motion via the ONVIF protocol.

Yes the camera do motion detection but not with ONVIF unfortunately.
But i get notification with MQTT now.
I still can’t find a 100% cloud/closed-app free solution.
I need to see the direct video in an app (local/internet), see the recorded video (sdcard or nas storage) and get motion/sound detection in Homey.
Maybe should i try with a Raspberry/HomeAssistant solution ?!

The is an MQTT broker that you can run on Homey so I’m not sure if that will help?

Maybe i can use a NVR compatible with wireless rtsp stream ? Can it does the motion detection and report it with ONVIF or MQTT ? My plan is to handle 10 cameras at the end.

I think i’m gonna use Synology Surveillance Station. :blush:

I have the Tapo 210 and while it supports Onvif it does not support streaming a picture and therefore you won’t see any pic or video in Homey.
I think this is valid for all Tapo cams

I’m planning to use 6 Tapo C310 and 2 Tapo C110, on a Synology NVR1218.
On the paper it should work, Tapo camera has ONVIF and RTSP…

You can get alarm events through the MQTT interface from every INSTAR Full HD camera:

Also, they expose their entire API through both MQTT and HTTP (CGI commands). You can basically automate everything in Homey.

What about Eufy? It seems to check all boxes

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Well, i bought and i run 6 Tapo C310 and 2 Tapo C110 on a NVR1218, everything works fine ! :heart_eyes:

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