Scenes activation using in-wall modules - possible options


I would like to know what possibilities we have to use standard switches (2 positions or retractive=bell-push) with in-wall modules (best will be Zigbee) to activate some scenes, for example scene 1 “out od home”: turn off all lights, close curtains and activate motion sensor, scene 2 “party time”: turn on lights on X color, turn on TV etc.

For sure, scenes can be activated by Aqara Wireless Buttons, but I would have in-wall modules
I found Fibaro Smart Module, but it is based on Z-Wave protocol. Aby Zigbee alternative?

I thought, that maybe on Lonsonho in-wall modules like QS-Zigbee-D02-Triac-2C-LN (2 gang dimmer with Neutral) or QS-Zigbee-S04-2C-LN (2 gang with Neutral) it will be possible to create by flows, that action (1 click) will not turn on lights, but will start a next flow and in this next flow will be located all actions which will be described like a scene. Is it possible?

How you manage it and what solutions you reccomend?

Thank you for feedback.

The sonoff Zbmini is an inwall zigbee module.
It can also directly control ligts.

And its cheap :slight_smile:

Thank you for feedback.
As I can see, Sonoff ZBMini has the same flow cards as standard in-wall switches, only turn on or off.
I do not want to use it for turning on lights connected to it, but to turn on/off scene with for example multiple actions on different zones/whole home. So nothing will be connected phisically to module. Is that possible?

At the moment someone flips the connected switch the module will turn on. Homey will see that.
You dont need to connect a light to it….
you can use the card “when module is switched on” as a trigger to start your flows.

Only thing I am not sure of is the response time (How fast does homey see the module has been switched on).
I have lights connected to the units so will not notice the delay.

I can test it for you…

Did the test:
When sonoff is switched on
Then turn on light

(This is a light not directly connected to the sonoff)
Its almost instant, not slower then when switching that same light from the app

Thank you very much for test and feedback :slight_smile:
It means that it should work the same way with other Zigbee in-wall switches. I only hope that I will be able to manage proper flows, but it will comes later. Thanks!

The ZBmini works with the sonoff app or the hue with the bridge app (they do also connect to a hue bridge, up to you what you want to use)