Scenarios in addition to flows


Everyone at this forum at least tries to solve many of the same scenarios as at my home. Why not introduce scenarios? Something where you drag and drop your devices into, set some values and it works!


  • much easier for non tech guys and girls
  • less duplicate flows
  • faster setup

The current flows are having it’s limits in how easy to use they are. You quickly end up having (too) many flows and increased complexity, because of these limits (only 1 trigger can start an event for example, changing names, breaks flows, etc.). I don’t believe many non tech guys are using homey optimally.

Scenarios examples;

Toilet; drag in a door sensor and a dimmer. Set timer to 15 minutes for example. Ready.

simple scenario; Door opens, light on for 15 minutes. When user turns off the light, it will not turn on for 15 seconds to prevent turning it on again when the user leaves.

You can think of many, many others like go to bed scenarios, go away, burgler lights during absence, heating based on weather and presence, exterior motion-light on during night, etc etc.