RTSP protocol for Eufycam


I have 3 eufy camera’s that i can manage by the factory, but there is also a possibility to stream the images with the Real time streaming protocol (RTSP) im wondering if Athom could add support voor RTSP in the virtual ip camera devices?

Or support for Eufycams but i think RTSP is an better option becaus is more used for multiple brands.

Hi RoyVi, also Eufycam User here - would love an app or RTSP support! Did you contact Athom?

Hi Max_SB, yes i have made a request but never had any response. Maybe you can also make a request so they see there is more interest.

I did it as well. But don’t expect too much, I requested an Warema blinds app years ago and nothing happend. It is a small team…