Routes for WallC-S plus what about NODE 72 !?

Hey everybody
I have a Question I have 2 WallC-S Switches
one in my Living Room one in the Basement
the one in the LR is working like it should (well after in and excluding it a couple of times)
the one in the Basement is not doing anything
both got a strange NODE in they’re routes
NODE 72 !!
My highest Node is 33 !!

I tried to wake it up right beside the Wallplug that is sitting in the rom right over the Basement
If i include it … it will work again BUT if i get it down in the basement … thats it … and it wil NOT come back alive
btw in that same basement there is a 3 port 433MHz Relais that is working perfect over the app

Next problem is does anyone know HOW to use ALL buttons of that little one !?