Neo Coolcam curtain switch

Curtain switch calibrated and included in my Homey Pro with Neo Coolcam App.
The curtain move up and down with the buttons but not with Homey App

Somebody could help me, please ?
Best regards

Try a restart of Homey.

Of course, I’ve already restarted several times but nothing happens.
Do I have to use advanced configurations and how to do it?
Raw configuration parameters : should I have to complete them and especially how ?
Thanks a lot

To me it sounds more like a connection problem. Opening and closing the curtains should work from the Homey App.
Did you check in Developer if the switch is connected?
Could you post a screenshot?

Thank you for finding several screenshots attached. Node 5 is unreachable …

I hope the download will work …, sorry, just one embedded média in a post
This one first :

2nd screenshot

If I understand you right: If you click on the three dots and then on „Test“ then you get a red massage „Node 5 is unreachable/not reachable“?

What also indicates that Node 5 is not available is the info “Prev. last working route”.

That’s just what I did …and I’ve got a red message « node 5 unreachable »

Then the switch definitely has no connection.

Sorry, I did a mistake ?

I guess that the Curtain Switch is too far away from Homey and/or you don’t have enough repeater.
You have only 3 devices, one of them is battery powered (no repeater!). You need a Z-Wave Mesh which is only build by repeater (powered devices). The more repeater you have, the more stable the mesh is.
Maybe you should inform yourself about how Z-Wave works. Here in the forum the functionality has been explained several times, just use the search.

Take an extention cord, pick up Homey and put her near the curtains.

Well, I’m going to try first to place the Homey box near the switch and I’ll also go to the forum. I’ll keep you informed… Thank you very much

Yes, the suggestion from Roco is also a possibility.

And if you have further questions, please ask.

Thank you very much, everyone, for your advice.
I have indeed moved the box, restart it, uninstall and reinstall the switch. And now it works, flows too :innocent:
The only thing I can’t do is integration with Alexa ´cause I’d like to move this curtain with my voice
Best regards.

I don’t know anything about that, I don’t use Alexa, sorry.

Hello, I got a question about Neo Coolcam curtain & Homey please…
I have around 20 curtain Neo devices, and after installation, addition to Homey, calibration, they work for a few days then then keep flashing (meaning they need to be recalibrated).
Have you faced a similar issue?

I have just one Curtain neocoolcam device. I had to recalibrate it after power cuts. Regards