ROBB smarrt Z-wave and Zigbee app (v1.5.2 | TEST: v2.1.3)

Thanks for the update :+1:

Hi guys
Unfortunately i am not able to connect the 8 button zigbee wall switch to my homey.

I already did a reset a couple of times.

Pairing modus is failing every single time due a time out error. Led light of the switch turns green and after that I immediately press the second button. After a few blinks nothing is happing.

Does someone have any idea?


After three hours i decided to give up :confused:

With some luck I got the switch paired to homey but I was only able to set group 1 in to flows. Now it stopped working completely.

Don’t have the zigbee button but on z-wave you should press the upper I-O buttons for 3 seconds until the light turns on, and then press it again when pairing…
Maybe try a full reset of the switch also? On the z-wave version, you hold the upper I-O buttons for 10 seconds until the light starts flashing. Maybe try that and then include?

Hello, just bought 3 Zwave curtain modules, but then it happened, there are not in Homey App, is there a timeline when I can use them, or otherwise I will send them back to Robb.

I just bought 3 “z-wave tussenstekkers” and try to install the test version. I get the error “incompatible_app_version”, I am on Homey version 4.2.0
Regards, Jeroen

The test version is probably rewritten with SDK3. To use that version you need homey v5.

Ted is unable to add features/fixes to the current stable channel, so if you need V2 of this app, then wait till homey v5 is released or go experimental :slight_smile:

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Thank you @rvdeijk for the reply, I am going experimental then! Hope for the best…
5.5.0.r38 … up and running …

“Tussenstekker Z-wave” is recognized in ROBBv2.0.5, now to see some power flow :wink:

Power Wattage(Vermogen) works fine on 2 units (not behind an old fridge thow) , waiting for Consumption (Energie), Consumption also counting now.

Love the advanced setting “Always on”, for the Deepfreeze and computer, that is a Godsend, phew !!

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With version 2.0.5 in Homey 5 RC44 I can’t get the robb zigbee wall plug to be recognized as an actual wall plug. It’s added as generic zigbee device, with model Id HK-PLUG-A and manufacturerName Sunricher.

Anything I can do to get it to work properly? I already removed and re-added the device a few times, it responds to any on/off commands, but since it’s a generic device the power measurement are not running.
If there is a way to help/test something please let me know!

Any plans on support the ROBB Smarrt Afstandsbediening 4 kanaals Zwart Zigbee ( ?

There is a firmware change in the Z-wave wall plugs, that requires a new ID to be added to the app.
Due to a limitation of the app store, it is not possible to update the v4.2 app, while having a v5 app in the same app store. The v5 app has this ID installed.

Thanks for reporting, should be resolved with the v2.1.0 update of the app.

Yes, will be part of the next release of the app; almost got it working with the 2.1.0 release…

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I think you’re talking about the version after 2.1.0 ? I got 2.1.0 installed last night but no support for this zigbee remote control yet.

Hi Ted, I tested the Robb Zigbee wall plug with 2.1.0 just now and it works perfectly. The only strange thing is that they all report 2.18 kWh after adding to Homey. This isn’t a problem for me because I don’t use that part only the current power usage.

Thank you very much!

Yes, correct.

Driver is nearly completed, but missing the scene buttons, for which I will need to make some modifications to the Zigbee clusters.

Thanks for reporting this back. Only during initial meter report and then succeeded by actual meter reports or does this value remains and is not updated?

It’s only the initial value that’s 2.18 kWh, could be the internal chip reporting the value? Afterwards they are updated properly, so it’s not a huge issue.

Hi, any chanse of having this work in RobbSmarrt app?
Sunricher Zigbee dimmer
DeviceID 257

Was on Homey 4.2 but was id´d as an basic zigbee device. I then upped to V5.RC47 but it is still id´d as an basic zigbee device.


Can you indicate which device this is?



No need to do anything anymore, changed to fibaro dimmer 2.



Yesterday I bought and installed the Sunricher 9040 (Zigbee dimmer installed in a 3-wire system). I had problems including it to version 4.2. So after a while I took the bald move to upgrade to version 5 experimental. Much easier to include. The problem is that it only being recognized as a ”basic zigbee device”

Added info 2021-01-22:
Product ID: HK-SL-DIM-A

Seem to be the same as the one of @Marius_Muresan. You do have to give the Device ID and Profile ID as well, or confirm its the same. Maybe with V5 you have to interview the device and give the info to @TedTolboom