Response on push confirmation after 30+ minutes not processed

Hi everyone.

I have tried to search the forum but haven’t found anything. I would like to use push confirmations for a lot of things but I have found it to be unreliable, especially when I take a while to respond.

Finally trying to get to the bottom of this, it looks like when it goes beyond 30 minutes, it does not process my response anymore. This might happen often if I don’t have my phone at hand or are busy.

Is this a known bug? Are there any solutions?

I’m using the app on Android phone by the way.

I think I can confirm it (also on Android, but not sure if it’s Android related), using Advanced flow.
Well, it should stay active a little longer than 30 minutes imho!

When not responded within 30mins, start the flow within 30min again, it sends a new push and doesn’t interrupt the flow ‘flow’.

Importable flow (Howto: click here)

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Shouldn’t user_acknowleged also be set to yes if the user does answer the question with “no”? Otherwise the question will asked again and again if “no” is answered?

EDIT: flow = adjusted

True that. I was focussing on workaround the ‘did not respond in time’ issue :wink:

Afaik the condition errors wirh a timeout. You could create almost the same without a timer by restarting from the error line.

Correct: confirmed that the timeout on Homey Pro is 30 minutes.


And still, it would be great is that time was configurable, and if the notifications could be retracted somehow. :grinning:

A timeout must be. Else the flows will wait forecer if they are processed several times. You only neednto swipe the push message on your phone and Homey would have a memory leak by keeping the flow active.

Thanks for all the responses, very useful. I have imported the advanced flow and catching the error now to retrigger the same flow.

The main issue now is that it will show the same confirmation over and over again. I will need to make sure to click the latest. Or is there a way to catch the error and continue? I guess not.

@RonnyW You’re correct, it needs to have some time-out. The question is whether that would have to be after 30 minutes already.

The other issue I encounter, it sometimes seems to give an error Network request failed, way sooner than 30 minutes. I did get the push confirmation though.

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Totally agreed. But il would be nice if I could set the timeout to the amount of time I want. And if I could retract the confirmation/notification. If I want (for instance) warn all family member that a door is left unlocked, I one member locks the door, there is no need for the others to respond or even see the confirmation/notification.