[Requests] Homey Pro Community App Requests

What is the brand

What is/are the device(s)/service for type:

  • Switches/Dimmers with scene control and LED status lights
  • Motion Sensors

What kind of category/signal(s) would the app use:

Is there an (public) API / documentation / manual(s) or known (other) implementations (like Blogs/Github etc)?

The user guide lists all of the Z-Wave Command classes and Parameters

Their switches are great, and the feature to use the 7 LEDs each individually as status indicators is a great advantage over other switches.

Are you willing to loan or donate to a developer?
Yes, I will donate developer and testing time.

Extra information:
I’m not actually looking for a developer, as by day, I’m a programmer, and this looks like it could be a fun little project to learn something new. But I don’t want to duplicate efforts if someone is already working on integrating the HomeSeer brand. Or if anyone has a project for similar devices that they may want to share to give me a head start.
I had a previous post here: https://community.homey.app/t/homeseer-hs-wx300