Removable push notification


Is there a functionality to remove a sent push notification?
Like this:

In my case when we leave the house Homey sends a push question to 2 users to ask if we want to put everything off and lower the heating. It would be nice if the push question/notification is removed on the other users phone when one of the users answers the question.


What do you mean by “answer the question?” Does Homey support interactive Push?

DO not think there is for now but you can sent only the push question to the last person who left the house.

Yeah I made most of the flows like this to see who has to receive the question but sometimes it has to send to all users. In example; when the sun is shining too much -> push question to all users with “close shutters?” -> if one of the users respond: clear push notification on other devices.

Again, what do you mean by respond? If the user open Application and close shutters? I was not able to find interactive Push as described in your post above.

select your mobile in the AND column when making a flow

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Not a solution, but a workaround can be to sent a confirmation pushmessage when somebody confirms the push.
At least the others know its done.
(But it does result in more push☹️)

Dont even know if the phone OS supports removing push.
Would be weird: I hear the push alert, look at my phone, no message…

True that it would be confusing but I know iOS supports it, Facebook uses it for Messenger when you receive a notification on your phone and you read it on the web you see the notification gets removed. Would be nice and clean if Homey had something similar :slight_smile:

Perfect, you made my day. Again some new feature I didnt know about. Works perfect.