Read values from weatherstation


This has solved itselv, after install of MQTT Broker, Client and Hub, my Homey got pretty much unstable and slow.
Flows didn´t run, app on phone was terrible slow, and from push on button till light turned took up till 10 sec.
Removed all three apps, now I´m back to normal and everythings runs smoothly again.

So conclusion: have to find another way

This is my first attempt out in the MQTT world :wink:

Looks like i got the MQTT Broker, Client and Hub up running, looks also like i see in the log the temperatur from my weatherstation = 17.7 degrees

20190903-11:33:42 Packet published 17.7
20190903-11:33:42 9a00a9e4-58d2-4da1-88e2-125dbd189453 has unsubscribed from topic /dev/wd
20190903-11:33:42 client disconnected: 9a00a9e4-58d2-4da1-88e2-125dbd189453
20190903-11:33:42 Packet published {“clientId”:“9a00a9e4-58d2-4da1-88e2-125dbd189453”,“topic”:“/dev/wd”}
20190903-11:33:42 Packet published 9a00a9e4-58d2-4da1-88e2-125dbd189453
20190903-11:34:45 client connected: 38231dde-4e42-42a0-bfa8-60a9a1e4469e
20190903-11:34:45 Packet published 38231dde-4e42-42a0-bfa8-60a9a1e4469e
20190903-11:34:45 38231dde-4e42-42a0-bfa8-60a9a1e4469e has subscribed to topic /dev/wd

Then tried to add a MQTT Virtual device, but then I´m stuck.
I simply can´t figure out what to write there, under advaned Topics.

Hopefully you could help me here :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


Sorry for late reply.

Check this thread for help with the homeyscript and virtual devices you need