Quality control on Apps

Are there absolutely no quality control on apps that are available to download.
Homey is bragging to support thousands of units, but there are very many apps that simply does not work.
Why don’t just Homey just delete apps with 2 or fewer stars? Clearly they don’t work as intended and are just simply a disappointment and annoyance for the users of Homey.

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For quality control you need to own and use the device with Homey. It is impossible for Athom to own and use those 50.000 devices they brag about.

The reviews and stars, the app update date and the comments on this forum are there for you to decide which apps you are willing to give a try. Denying others the right make another choice would not be my preferred way to go forward.

Athoms apps by the way are also ones that often get few stars. I would prefer all apps to be open source, including those made by Athom.

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Because users downvote apps for stupid reasons which are often not at all related to the actual quality of the app.


Can you share with us which apps you talk about? While I have a complete different experience.
My reaction from a similar topic:

And yes, there’s a few “abandoned” apps like ‘NOS Videostreams’. But the reviews often clearify it doesn’t work anymore.

You could always choose not to install apps with 2 or fewer stars yourself?


Just curious.

Do you think abandoned App’s which have major issues should be removed off the website completely or should they stay up and still be advertised ? (Eg… to potential Homey buyers)

Im not trying to stir the pot. What’s your opinion ? Im being serious…

Personally I originally purchased my Homey Pro on the understanding that it supported some particular products and features which actually turned out to be complete and utter dud’s after I set up my Homey Pro . Those app’s turned out to be abandonware which were basically useless…

Most of those apps are still listed on the website last time I checked …

Rob is also right. You can’t totally rely on reviews. Its only people with an axe to grind go on the internet and write a review. Except maybe in some cases where they are “extremely” happy or surprised with the product…

You can get an app that is actually mostly good and ok but only gets reviews from over dramatic cry baby’s with a tiny thing that mostly affects just them …

For me if I see a bad review i always look for consistent and ongoing complaint on a particular point which is repeated many times before i will give it any credibility to it …

As for abandonware. It exists on here. I’ve rallied for a complete review (clean up) of the entire Homey App inventory which has essentially been rotting away for a few years now but no one has been interested …

(what problem)

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For me, when I bought the Homey for 3 years ago, it seemed like the perfect solution.
But it really does not work as intended.

So for lightning which has to work I use HUE

For Zigbee sensors that controls critical heating, I use Home Assistant with Conbee2

Homey is in the middle like a little play thing that sometimes do what it should do and sometimes don’t.

When it comes to apps, that doesn’t really work, I can start with the whole MQTT scheme.
At first setup it seems fine and all is nice playing with Home Assistant. It reports all lights and sensors ect. To Home Assistant, but after a while, devices can’t be controlled and sensors doesn’t give statuses to Home assistant anymore. And there is none whatsoever instructions how it should really be set up. Why can’t there be a fail proof instruction to get homey to work properly with one of the biggest home automation systems in the world.
Then I have the Deconz app that just crashes.
Today I was trying to get an old Oregon Temp sensor to work with Rfxcom.2 it is a picture of the oregon sensor, but the app haven’t been updated since 2017. Why is it still there.

It’s really not as the commercial on homeys start page that lures new users to the following:

"Pair and Play.
Homey automatically detects most of your devices at home. Simply search for your brand, press a button or two — and you’re ready to play." :joy:

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Just some thoughts,
Is it possible for abandoned apps to change the app topic description?
[App][Pro] SomeApp →
[App][Pro] SomeApp [Abandoned] (when dev never responds)

[App][Pro] SomeApp [Transferable] (when dev is wanting/willing to transfer app)

[App][Pro] SomeApp [Broken] (when f.i. the API changed, and app doesn’t get updated)

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