Profile photo?

How do I get a personal photo in homey app

You can change your picture here:

Thanks for replies. I have now changed photo on the account side, but still no photo on the apps home screen.

If you’re on Android, you’ll have to clear the cache (or maybe even all data) from the app.
Don’t think that’s possible on iOS, so I think a reinstall of the app might be necessary then.


Thanks for your reply, it solved the problem :wink:

Hey Homey, reinstall the app to update a profile picture? You can do better than that!

Really? 2 years later? Great reply man!
By the way:

  • the company is named Athom
  • the device is named Homey
  • Saying “hey Homey” doesn’t work anymore since a while

Just that you know in case you missed that…

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Dear people at Athom B.V.,

I am writing you because I found room for improvement in your app, which is named Homey. The app controls your device, which is also named Homey. Everything seems to be part of some kind of brand, which is named Homey too. And please be assured, that I am addressing you, the people at the company Athom B.V. and not the device (or the app, or the brand) Homey.
Furthermore, I’m sorry I only wrote to you now and not two years ago, but that’s because I’ve only been your customer for a month now, my mistake.
Anyway, it came to my attention that the users profile picture does not update immediately. It would be great if your team could fix that.

Your Community Noob

P.S. Did you know that the cars, which are named Lamborghini, and the brand, which is also named Lamborghini, belong to the Volkswagen Corporation?

Erm, if had done some serious reading here, you would have known that Athom does not actively read the forum. You’d better send your issue to Support directly…